CAA USA Giving Away $500 Gift Certificate

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Yesterday, CAA USA, the U.S.-based company marketing and distributing world-class, operator-tested firearms accessories from Command Arms Accessories, launched its “Best Dad in the USA” Instagram photo contest, just in time for Father’s Day.


With a $500 CAA USA gift certificate awarded to the winner, the company is looking for people to share photos of their tactical and “tacticool” fathers, preferably taken with or around the responsible use of firearms, on Instagram with a short description of why they have the “Best Dad in the USA.”


“There are many people who love celebrating their Second Amendment rights on the range, during a hunt, or at a local competition with their fathers,” said Bill Silver, Vice President of Sales for CAA USA. “Sometimes, these dads can’t afford new firearm accessories, and that’s where our contest comes in.”


The contest, which began Monday, ends Friday, June 19, 2015.


Offer only valid to U.S. residents and may only be redeemed online at Complete rules and conditions can be found here.


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