Google Trends KeyMod and M-Lok

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I tried searching KeyMod, KeyMod vs M-Lok, Magpul M-Lok, VLTOR KeyMod, Magpul mlok, magpul mloc, m-lok (the top results are unrelated), m1913, ar15 rails, ar rail, etc Most searches gave too few results to show up significantly and so don’t show on these embeded graphs. Since this isn’t really a scientific measure, take this as only mildly interesting entertinament.

For a longer duration.

Adding a few more.
Adding Picatinny in the search.

Also, this is interesting – what’s going on in Washington?

I think part of the issue is people will be searching for M-Lok typed out in different ways. Including ways that won’t include the name M-Lok at all.

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