MP5 Clone Tooling For Sale

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The injection molding tooling for the Special Weapons PXP-10, the pistol variant of the SP-10 carbine, is currently up for sale. These firearms use a proprietary USA designed and manufactured housing for original or after-market H&K MP5 internal parts.

Per the Gun Broker auction:

“This is the $45,000 in injection mold tooling to make the PXP10 it includes the receiver tooling, the new stock tooling, the AL stock end piece tooling, the rail extrusion tooling, the site base tooling and a grip mold you just add std MP5 parts and you got a business!!!!”

Per IMFDB the weapons were seen in the movies I am Legend and Salt. The SP-10 series also includes the PSP-10 and MP-10, along with the PXP-10 shown here.
Special Weapons PXP-10

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