Anti-Gun CA Senator Arrested For Arms Trafficking

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California District 8 Democrat state senator Leland Yee has been arrested on arms-trafficking. I was having a difficult time wording this without some NSFW language, when I found this simple paragraph on Wikipedia (emphasis is mine):

“He was an award-winning gun control advocate. He was arrested by the FBI on March 26, 2014 on charges related to public corruption and gun trafficking — specifically buying automatic firearms and shoulder launched missiles from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a Islamist terrorist group located in the southern Philippines.”


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A few interesting notes – With all the memes popping up, ant exposure in the online gun community, Yee has attacked It is interesting to note the LA Times reported, not that he was arrested on illegal weapons deals with a terrorist organization, but that the pro-gun community is calling him names.

Yee was also arrested in Hawaii on shoplifting charges and on two other occasions stopped on suspicion of soliciting sex.


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