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Posted on 3/12/2014 by with 0 comments UPDATE: Russian Suppliers Claim There Are No Restrictions on Ammo Exports Mac Slavo 2014-03-06

A post from the same person on a different site, read that the Russian suppliers were wrong. Russia Has Reportedly Halted All Exports To The US Of Russian Made Ammunition Mac Slavo 2014-03-07

If you search you’ll find a lot of news going both ways. However, I argue it doesn’t matter if sanctions or embargoes are enacted or if Russia stops the exportation of ammunition. Hysteria has begun here in the US already and the big distributors are mostly dried up already. I watched ammo disappear over last weekend, from pages like and while the ammo is still available right this moment, Russian ammo is going to become scarce and jump in price again.

Like the .22LR situation, I always think of this: No single raindrop believes it is responsible for the flood.

Bear Ammunition Company | Made by Barnaul and Imported by DKG (Brown Bear, Golden Bear, Silver Bear)
TulAmmo | Tula Cartridge
Wolf Performance Ammunition | Previously Russian made Wolf ammo is mostly marked Ukraine now, Wolf is part of SSI

I’m personally not buying ammo right now, I learned my lesson a decade ago, I bought what I felt I needed, while availability and prices were decent. My recommendation is to be patient and try to do the same.


An animation of the AK-107 counter-balance action.

Though I’ve seen no evidence that is concrete (mostly sites quoting each other), the upset I am having, is the potential for Kalashnikov brand AK-107, AK-108, and AK-12 models seems fairly lost at the moment. The companies specializing in retooling Saiga’s are going to be impacted, and hope they stay afloat until the region stabilizes.


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