Controversial Employee at Troy Industries

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The following is an excerpt from a word-bloated opinion on the topic. I decided to truncate the post to the quick details and post the wordier version later.

Troy created some trouble for themselves when they hired Jody Weis. Weiss is an anti-second amendment advocate with outspoken views against gun ownership and lawful concealed carry. He is also the former police chief of Chicago. He is most remembered for running from gun fire, during a conference, to save himself and for doing such a poor job that Chicago police officially filed for his resignation to step-down.

Weiss was hired by Troy the same year he wrote for banning firearms. Troy got rid of Weiss after people online made some noise.

Now Troy has hired Dale Monroe, a federal sniper assigned to the force at Ruby Ridge. Ruby Ridge is well known for the feds abusive Rules Of Engagement (ROE), “HRT sniper Dale Monroe saw the ROE as a “green light” to shoot armed adult males on sight…

Troy himself spoke up on his employee, but I’m interested in hearing more from Monroe himself.

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    […] is receiving some negative press these past two months, for hiring an anti-gun former police chief Jody Weiss and a sniper that was […]

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