Aftermath Gun Club’s SHOT Show 2014 coverage

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To date, here are the 2014 SHOT Show articles and photo posts we’ve made.

Arsenal Strike One Available Q4 in Europe (The Firearm Blog)
ATF Booth Vandalism (
BCM Magnesium KeyMod Handguard (The Firearm Blog)
Something Different: BCM Vert Grip (The Firearm Blog)
Beretta ARX100 (Aftermath Gun Club)
Beretta ARX100 Expected in April (The Firearm Blog)
Bushmaster ACR DMR (Aftermath Gun Club)
DSA FAL Magazines (Aftermath Gun Club)
FAB Defense Vz58 Quad Rail (Aftermath Gun Club)
Fox Knives Doug Marcaida’s Dart Knife (Aftermath Girls)
Glock 42, Finally a Polymer .380 I’ll Own (Aftermath Gun Club)
Kershaw and Emerson Joint Venture (Aftermath Girls)
Magpul 1911 Grip Panels (The Firearm Blog)
Masterpiece Arms .22 Bullpup (The Firearm Blog)
PTR Industries PTR32 Gen.2 (Aftermath Gun Club)
Remington R51 (Aftermath Girls)
RHID Polymer FAL Para Stock (The Firearm Blog)
Robinson XCR With KeyMod (Aftermath Gun Club)
SHOT Show 2014: Year of the Bullpup (Bullpup Forum)
Steyr AUG A3 Variant (The Firearm Blog)

Just Photo Posts

KeyMod Slots on Accuracy International (Aftermath Girls)
Stephanie Miceli & Alycia De Nardo For Aguilla Ammo (Aftermath Girls)
Bushmaster ACR DMR (Aftermath Girls)
Caracal CC10 & J.J. Racaza (Aftermath Girls)
Charles St George (Aftermath Girls)
Chris Costa (Aftermath Girls)
Angelika Khomenets At DSA (Aftermath Girls)
Dustin Ellermann (Aftermath Girls)
Erica Crosy Signing Posters At SHOT (Aftermath Girls)
FateofDestinee (Aftermath Girls)
FNH USA’s Brooke Sevigny (Aftermath Girls)
FNH USA FN15 Rifle (Aftermath Girls)
FNH USA’s Karla Herdzik (Aftermath Girls)
Glock G42 (Aftermath Girls)
Team Glock Michelle Viscusi & Tori Nonaka (Aftermath Girls)
H&K G36C (Aftermath Girls)
ITS Tactical (Aftermath Girls)
Kalasnikov Girls (Aftermath Girls)
Lancer Team’s Meg Snyder (Aftermath Girls)
Lil’ Red Danger 2 (Aftermath Girls)
Lil’ Red Danger (Aftermath Girls)
Miller Precision Arms MPA AR15 (Aftermath Girls)
Nikki Raye At SHOT (Aftermath Girls)
PTR Industries (Aftermath Girls)
SPI Infrared Booth Babe (Aftermath Girls)
Steyr AUG A3 SF Now in USA (Aftermath Gun Club)
Tracking Point (Aftermath Girls)

Fox Knives

GunDoll with Doug Marcaida at the Fox Knives booth


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