The New Remington R51 Pistol

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My response to the R51 is less excited and more of an “about time”. Remington became part of the Freedom Group over a half decade ago. Today The Freedom Group includes AAC, Barnes, Bushmaster, Dakota, DPMS, H&R, Marlin, Para (previously Para-Ordnance) Parker, Remington (+ PMPD, LE & Military subsidiaries), Tapco, and a few non-firearm companies. In all of those there has been little to offer the fastest growing market in firearms: Concealed carry compact pistols.

Para-Ord had the Warthog, had, and today offers the Executive Carry (an aluminum frame compact 1911). But today any Para compact pistol isn’t so easy to come by. The Remington PMPD’s are all rolling in as full size .45 pistols. Other companies offering .380 Auto’s sell within weeks of arriving in the store, the better ones in a few days, but there is nothing from the Freedom Group.

Until the introduction of the R51, it may not be a super compact but it is in the more popular and effective 9x19mm. I want most every manufacturer to succeed, but right now I have my eyes on United States production and I must say Kudos to Remington for joining in.

Remington R51

The Firearm Blog ( Remington Announces New R-51 Pistol 2014-01-01

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