California To Melt STG44

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The headline says it all: The City Of Los Angeles Will Melt A StG 44 Worth $40k

I remember watching the news several years ago, the coverage was about an African village taking up arms to steal food from whomever. They weren’t bloodthirsty or out for blood, just desperate and hungry. The camera panned by armed women and children, for effect; there stood an aged woman with an STG44. At the time a local shop had a transferable MP43/STG44 for $16k, how much food would that bring? Even as a demilled parts kit (at the time the barrel was still importable with the kit).

One year ago, this month, a woman turned in an ST44 to a gun buyback in Connecticut. The police explained the value of the weapon and turned her around to sell it to her benefit.

How many more STG44/s will surface?


Photo by Oleg Volk

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