“Mentally Ill” Gun Confiscations

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How many people with “mental health issues” that are deemed “mentally ill” are actually of a dangerous sort? The gun confiscations we have been repeatedly told, will not happen, have begun happening.

This will create an environment where people whom could benefit from short or long term private care, will now have something to lose if they do. The issue isn’t whether or not people with psychopathic tendencies, should have access to firearms, but rather who – or what agency gets to decide where that line is drawn. The government that still doesn’t know the difference between a select-fire intermediate cartridge carbine and a semi-automatic? This may seem pedantic, but the recent verbal push for gun bans has been about guns that are already so. Which shows an ignorance for what they wish to ban and an ignorance for existing laws.

When I was a teenager I once suggested, in a debate class, that no one in public office (such as Congress or Governorship) should be allowed to hold position if they had a felony. I spent the following semester arguing against my own presentation; the other classmates had all accepted this as a great idea. The problem, I found quite quickly, is with the abuse of the system that would follow. A push to change several offenses as felonies, just to keep certain types out of Washington, would most certainly follow.

If any sort of mental health record is to keep the Bill of Rights out of reach for that individual, I sincerely believe an immediate reclassification of what falls under mental illness will follow.

I have already seen examples of soldiers unwilling to admit PTSD, because it would now mean they can not own a firearm. PTSD is broad, and certainly doesn’t automatically mean the veteran will have a lack of empathy, poor decision making, and poor impulse control.

It is much too late and I am much too tired. What are your thoughts?

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