Double Fire Power AR15 Mag Coupler

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Israeli mag coupler

Big D Armory is offering an exclusive magazine coupler from Israel for $14.99 with free shipping. What is unique is how it bonds the magazines at the base.

The Israeli Double Fire Power AR15 Magazine Coupler

“This is our exclusive, Made in Israel, Double Fire Power AR15 magazine Coupler. Unlike other AR15 magazine Couplers out there, this one is not made of polymer or cloth. this is Combat Proven, durable metal made AR15 magazine Coupler.

“The unique Israeli design provides:
Smooth, easy magazine unload and reload while under fire
Doubles your fire power from the standard 30 rounds to 60 readily available rounds
Durability under extreme conditions
Raid deployment from vest or belt
The closed bottom support the magazine’s bottom plate and prevent breach situation even if the magazine is dropped
You can hang it on your belt / sling / pocket etc.
Super light at 2.4oz.”

Bid D Armory is a new firearm related eCommerce site out of Dallas, Texas. Like all new firearm related start-ups, we wish them the best.


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