Orwell & Firearms

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Some interesting thoughts about Orwell posted on HumanEvents.com about Orwell.

For those government officials such as Joe Biden who assert that the populace doesn’t need sophisticated weaponry (i.e assault rifles) to protect themselves Orwell can again be consulted. In a post-war essay, “You and The Atom Bomb,” Orwell noted that when there is “no answer to it,” “rifles” are “inherently democratic weapons” and “gives claws to the weak;” complex weapons, however, when owned solely by the government “make the strong stronger.”

George wasn’t a stranger to firearms, he’d served with the Home Guard, a citizen’s militiam and used several weapons. From Orwell’s diary, 1942-08-09 –

“Fired the Sten gun for the first time today. No kick, no vibration, very little noise, and reasonable accuracy. Out of about 2500 rounds fired, 2 stoppages, in each case due to a dud cartridge – treatment, simply to work the bolt by hand.”

Human Events Is gun control Orwellian? Let’s ask Orwell 2013-04-22
Orwell Diaries 1938-1942 9.8.42 via Gruts

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