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Most have us have come across the very beautiful and utilitarian Space Saver gun racks online. I have nothing negative to say about their product or them as a business, but a suggestion to people at home – I was helping a friend, with a built in gun vault in his home, find a locker system for storing his collection. I spoke with Space Saver and they informed me they don’t offer sales for home use, because this was going into a vault, they made in exception. I was given a quote and spoke with the man I was helping.

He shopped a few custom metal fabrication places locally and wound up getting what he wanted, customized for him, at a fraction of the cost. This included the powder-coating. While their product may have thicker steel, much harder to get into, it was unnecessary for this home use which was more based on style. I believe Space Saver’s product looks great but the same “look” can be achieved by just paying someone to custom make you your shelves or lockers.

It is important to note that Space Saver doesn’t sell to people looking for something at home, because they aren’t safes they are selling. This was expressed clearly on the phone and don’t disagree with the decision. If you are a civilian with a firearm business or manufacturer they will get you a quote quickly.

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