DC Court of Appeals Nominee Blocked

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Alaskan senator Murkowski is the only Republican to vote in favor of anti-gun DC Judicial Court of Appeals nominee Caitlin Halligan. Murkowski has a murky history of supporting the opposite of her own political party. Could she be faithfully representing her constituents in Alaska? If so, I misunderstand Alaska’s culture.

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Wiki: Lisa Ann Murkowski is the senior United States Senator from the State of Alaska and a member of the Republican Party. She was appointed to the Senate in 2002 by her father, Governor Frank Murkowski.

Republican Fight
It is predictable that a journalist or politically motivated individual, will select an unflattering photo of the person they are opposing (or just pointing-the-finger at). That’s what I’m doing here. This is an unflattering photo and it is what I think should be in the mind’s of gun-owners when they think of her.

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